By Mandy Rogers

Swedish duo Straight Up! bid a return to the euro pop stage following last years success in scoring selection as the Official Stockholm Pride Anthem with their pop dazzling ditty “Show The World Tonight”.

There must be something fluorescent flowing through the Swedish waters at the moment, as following in the footsteps of Loreen, Straight Up! are belting out some disco tinged euphoria on new single “Family” which to my ear has also seeped in some 80’s not to be forgotten sparkle, sounding rather alá the Cutting Crew & Laura Branigan tasty.

A glitterfest of shimmering synth sound that’s neon dipped and ready for the summer,  bringing instant rays happiness of it’s own making, even if the sun doesn’t make an appearance.

As the Straight Up! boy’s have thrown all the neon glow into the song, on the video they are turning the monochrome mode on, in stylish, sleek and footwork fancy.

Family - Single - Straight Up!