Curiouser and curiouser a fantastical world meets chilled tempered synth patter.

Meet mysterious Vitya Belan’sFairy World” and come into it!

In such an enveloping synth luscious soundscape as this, it proves hard not too, to be quite honest but excuse us a sweet synth popping minute, these vocals sound somewhat familiar don’t you think? …. Ahem a cute play on the artist’s naming should be clue enough to the core of EQ’s Russian initiated listeners that have followed our many crossovers to the Russian side of pop of the years.

Name drop! – It’s only one of brother Russia’s most successful pop artists and Eurovision slayer Dima Bilan exploring an emotive creative concept through his freshly named alter-ego Vitya Belan.

Chapter One of this project begins in the dreamy wonderment of “Fairy World”, which will blossom into a debut album to be unveiled through 2013.

Come, come, now, experience the effortlessly stylish and oh super cute fanciful visions of Vitya Belan.