I Am A Camera

By Mandy Rogers

When it comes to hot off the peddle pulsating synth work, British duo of I Am A Camera are really showing they can pull on the gas.

Previous efforts “Commuter Love” and “Endless Storm” brought snapshots of a electronic soundscape dotted in broody undertones brought into the light by a warm steady flow of synth propelled fluid sequencing, that stole back to the 80’s in character and fed on the I Am A Camera ethos of being brought into fruition by media observation, culminating into story re-telling by song.

Once more, the duo now push up a gear on forthcoming summer release “Factory Boys”, injecting a splash of disco glamour into their expressionist repertoire.

This time out, the outcome on “Factory Boys” is brought to life as the story of The Dupont Twins – two teenage boys who lied and tricked their way from their home on a gas station in the US Mid West all the way to the heart of the legendary New York club Studio 54 and into the lives of Andy Warhol and Halston.  – The band comment “They went from being penniless orphans to being paid by Warhol in Quaaludes and Screen Prints to hang out with him” explains Francesca.  “We love the story. It proves how reality can be just as amazing as any fantasy you could make up” says Ian.

So falls to the “Factory Boys” video that manifests itself into a vibrant technicolouful burst of an art gallery odyssey framed by a bountiful synth wall of sound on the soundtrack, that hits like a meteor shower of  “I Feel Love”  by Donna Summer against a hinted backdrop of The Human League’sBeing Boiled”.