By Mandy Rogers

We’ve listened, spoken about and we’ve waited out in quiet but impatient anticipation for some visual treatment on Caan’s sedate Depeche Mode styled synth ballad “Every Little Thing”.  The wait is now over!

Skillfully depicting, the perfect marriage between the lamenting soundtrack and the unravelling storyboard of a relationship’s peeks & lows seen from a female’s eyes. The video smartly coheres from its beginning as the introductory piano chimes in on point, of a peel of church bells.

As this life journey begins, will this prove too be down a rocky road or a will they skip off harmoniously to the romantically synth erotic sounds of the soundtrack into a heavenly sunset in happy-ever-afterville?

What’s that we hear? Sounds like a rev from a London Hackney Carriage, Cue “Eastenders” “doof, doof, drums, which route is it taking?  be still, watch and enjoy Caan’s condensed Soap Opera. 

Every Little Thing (Remixes) - EP - Caan