Mandy Rogers

often “Ooo Ahh Just A Little Bit” stop and ponder what’s happening with eurovision poppett of days gone by Gina
.  I don’t know why this is, but it’s
often one of those unexplained thoughts that lightbulbs up in my brain.  What I do know is, if Gina G has a
doppelganger Mel Jade is it…… don’t you think? I mean likeness here is just
twin of the future like to me.

pop newcomer Mel, is delivering debut “Electric” as party fit and club ready,
with the ingredients of cute and disco siren, flashing in a neon pink glowing
frame around her and dip dyed in her hair.

diamond cut of club sparkle strewn with soul and a stronger commanding edge of
euro pop flavoured intelligence.  It
bites into the disco apple and finds glitter, self-assurance and the dark side of September (Petra Marklund)  at it’s core.