Well you can't win em all I say.  

You know I love Gaga, but this video for "Edge Of Glory" just seems to be, in my humble opinion, the most boring video she's ever done.  Even more so than "Eh Eh Eh".  There's not much of a backstory, in terms of scene, it looks like they shot it on a backlot somewhere and well, that big BIG BIG BIG moment you are expecting for the video and song should crescendo together into an "edge of glory" moment, we are left with – nothing.  

I really was expecting Gaga to jump off the roof, kinda like she did when she cliff dived on American Idol, but alas – it didn't happen.

Oh well, you can't win them all.  Maybe Gaga is just exhausted (she should be – bitch works HARD) or maybe she just wanted to do something simple and easy for this video – I won't hold it against her.  But I will however go back and ponder the meanings of her videos for "Born This Way" and "Judas" for those videos give people a lot to think about…

If I do change my mind about this video – I'll let you know.  Crosses fingers that "Government Hooker" gets a single release.