By Mandy Rogers

It’s all very much gathering pace now for cultural disco
masher and electro pop artist Kash.

Since first attracting my attention a year or so ago, you
might recall that in the heat of the summer our EQ Discovery trail took a
mystical turn leading to the East meets Western hybrid pop of Kash’s exciting
first taster tune “Long Way From Home”.

To be honest, since my initial knowledge of Kash, it was
seemingly feeling like the music was long over due, but now it’s feeling its
way out of the starting blocks, so to speak and onto the internet, you can
fully appreciate this decision upon hearing the calibre attained herewith.

In follow up to “Long Way From Home”, comes a self-assured
performance in a switch of urban sleek disco hop on “Dive Right In”,
maintaining that the distinctive profusion of culturally mingled pop and lyrics
continues to remain a successful and Kash original creative combination.