By Mandy Rogers

Newcastle’s shining indie pop trio Polarsets have brought nothing but an infectiously peppy pop flavour to the table through debut Kitsune release “Sunshine Eyes” and sophomore Neon Gold offering “Morning”, garnering themselves a taste of a fruitful future. One that seems set assured by newest release of the “Exotica EP”.

The trio euphorically capture a more than pleasant burst of paradise through swaying synth rhythms set off with tropically appropriate percussion elements that transport the listener off to a totally tropical oasis of warmth and fresh and dewy droplets of oscillating dancibility.

Lead track “Distance” scores itself a film clip bringing a glimpse into life on the road of the band as they traverse the miles by road trip and skywards to tour out their lusciously joyous indie pop.

There’s no need to slather on the sunscreen but do soak in the fresh beats and mesmeric summery sizzle on this, upon gliding through the introduction its really hard not too get caught up in the full flow of it.

Watch and feel it take grasp on your ears!