Monarchy and and Dita Von Teese have excellently come up with the goods on their chic collaborative production for “Disintegration”.

Femme Fatale Dita role plays the dutiful housewife whose life is ruled by un-domestic bliss and fantasy daydreams. Pictorially, we become aware of just what is going on in Dita’s mind as she plays out the stifled and trival lifestyle that blights her craving for excitement and to be seen as desirable over dutiful.

While we’re talking of a little spark of excitement, we’re talking of something a little more exciting than seeing Dita’s ironing board go up in flames!

Cut to scenes of suggestion, of craving, of wanting, of the need for fulfilment and the need for passion.

Stylish. Elegant, Timeless.

Disintegration - Monarchy

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