Cinnamon Girl

By Mandy Rogers

Time to ‘fess up. When I was formerly approached regarding Cinnamon Girl’s previous release “Friends”, there was something not quite hitting the mark for me on the vocal side. Yet my blogging peers were slathering on the praise and I was left wondering what don’t I know that they do?  Well of course, it’s all down to the case of personal taste, but I did think Cinnamon Girl seemed a pop tasty proposition that perhaps just needed a finer tweak to get me on board.

Holla I’ve just boarded the Cinnamon Girl train to fame that has just arrived on platform 2 with a fresh release called “Devil In Me”.

Danish/English artist Camilla Roholm has picked up on the 80’s vibe and done it justice in 2012 serving up a neon blast of synth pop that predominantly has a ballsy underlying punch of Kim Wilde’s “Kids In America” carrying it along and the energetic pop of buzz Jane Wiedlens “Rush Hour”. This is a very fine song and oh my teen days revisited! The candy boxed video effects, take you straight back to the heart of all 80’s pop, to the titles and chart-rundown sequences of Top Of The Pops.

If that wasn’t all to like about Cinnamon Girl anyways, I like her even more now since I found out she owns a massive collection of hats. Thumbs up all round CG a girl after my own heart! 

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