Bow To Each Other

By Mandy Rogers

How charming all round are Norwegian synth-pop duo Bow To
Each Other

Tuning the air with crisp glacial finesse, intriguing ice
maidens Gunhild and Megan splice into a melodic rhapsody of intricate beauty
with a graceful hug of chilly affection.

Swathed in emotive rawness and radiating in the
sensitivities of a Robyn x Bon Iver collaboration, “Darling” a tale of
break-up, basks in a soothing subdued hue, bespeckled with twinkling shards of
light, glistening and instilling the sentiment of optimism into an impassioned
embrace of enthralling refinement.

A stirring and sensuously exhilarating track that is rousing
enough to entertain the frostiest of Ice Queen’s.