Swiss Lips

By Mandy Rogers

Causing quite a stirring of Internet interest towards the end of last year with buzz track “U Got The Power”.  I myself have been wholly fascinated and totally engaged by the urbanely organic electro rooted pop of Manchester’s Swiss Lips.

I have delighted in hearing the buzz track popping up everywhere from supported radio plays through to TV inclusion on Saturday morning satellite sports programme Soccer Am. I’m of the opinion now, that there’s probably no media outlet out there it hasn’t locked it’s hooky dance pop energy onto!

After leaving such a massive introduction imprint upon the media, one might be left to wonder if Swiss Lips can maintain and grow the momentum on subsequent material.

Here’s our decider, debut single “Danz”, which I’m pleased to report I find everyway as grittly dance stompingly good as it’s predecessor.  I can’t help but draw parallels to fellow Mancunians The Whip as “Danz” flows along in a quite similar vein, but this pleases me greatly as it’s the grittier side of dance pop that engages my interest most.

From this awesome start from Swiss Lips, I’m expectantly hoping for a debut album of quite some greatness from the band when it drops later this year, but for now, let’s dance!  When the beat is this good, what else would your feet wish to do! dance like an Iggy Pop-alike around Manchester possibly? It’s all in the video………