By Mandy Rogers

The only thing good to come out The Voice UK for me was the
weekly eye candy spotting of Danny O’Donoghue and I must confess I did also
harbour a soft spot for Bo Bruce over the other contestants… errm who where
they now?…

Anyway, I loved the fragility and emotionally poured quality
of Bo’s husky vocals, I really think they can go somewhere good in the
entertainment world.

Prior to any debut release of singles or album, Bo appears
front of house with the ever mysterious DJ-ing entity Kryder ‘pon de re-worked trance classic “Damaged”.

Recorded prior to Bo’s high profile stint on The Voice, it
cements that the starlet quality was being noticed behind the scene before it
took to the screen.

A purring arty, futuristic banger that’s readied up to
stadium size by Kryder’s invigorated signature sound.

Damaged (feat. Bo Bruce) [Remixes] - EP - Kryder