A.G. Trio

By Mandy Rogers

How much am I impressed by this new track from Austrian producer – DJ-ing act the A.G. Trio!  The answer quite plain and simply is I absolutely adorbs it!

Teaming up with fellow Austrian Markus Zahradnicek of alternative band Francis International Airport on vocal duties.

The A.G. Trio +1 have an absolute gem of danceably eclectic dark electronica on their hands in this stellar track “Countably Infinite”.

As the video treatment poignantly replicates the aftermath and time lapses back on a tale of a non-gory road tragedy between two lovers seen through the semi-conscious state of mind. 

The soundtrack of bubbly synth lines and chilling euphoric ambience lend terrifically well upon the impact of the emotionally passionate subject matter.

Countably Infinite (feat. M. Zahradnicek) - EP - A.G.Trio