Andreas Moe

By Mandy Rogers

There is nothing short of amazing about Andreas Moe, and that’s not a term I shell out like every quick second, but let me tell you Andreas Moe IS amazing in my opinion!

Therefore, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that Andreas is of course Swedish, has been majorly involved through a spectrum of song writing, producing, session guitar work and of course singing in his homeland for a time now. However, Andreas’s big break into the mainstream came as he provided vocals for Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness”, a break that in turn brings Andreas over to hopefully grab some attention from us here in the UK. I can safely say Andreas is deserving of it!

At the ready to unleash upon the UK the “Collecting SunlightEP on June 25th, we are definitely in for an absolutely divine treat.

Comprising of 5 tracks with an added bonus track, lead track “Collecting Sunlight” is a delicately synth twinkling experience that absolutely glows with Andreas’s pop suited vocals. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something here that is a little akin to Will Young star quality going on here. I feel it seeping through, I just cannot describe it, Andreas doesn’t sound like Will, infact I’m hearing shades of Archeo, but I’m definitely picking up something a touch like Will Young about it, and that’s a good thing well, at least where I’m coming from. 

The EP also features superb soaring ballads “My Side Of The Bed” & “Snow” an excellently delivered and executed down tempo dance tune “Stay So We Stay Us”, and an ambiently synth strewn rousing anthem “Half A Heart Of Love”. Upon purchasing the EP you’ll probably throw a likeness on this one to Sound Of Arrows and that would be quite OK and fitting to do so!

Simplicity is the key. The minimalistically animated video to “Collecting Sunlight” is über cute by the way and it’ll fill you with the urge to reach out for your colouring pencils to colour block it in. A triumph of a minimalist idea but huge in overall effect.

Andreas Moe