Divine Knights

By Mandy Rogers

Since we first covered Divine Knights as EQ Discovery, the
Australian industrialised electro pop duo have continued to gather strength,
not only in sound but also in popularity too. 
Gerard Anthony
and Beef took their progressive brew to the full glare of
reality TV, and for their labours made it through as semi-finalists of
Australia’s Got Talent. Well of this talent we already knew!

The release of track “Clouds” has been given a most stellar
re-work at the request of Divine Knights by The Sanfernando Sound. Stripping back the edgier original and
applying a lavish veneer on the track of syncopated driving synths, with a
regal nu-retro air. 

The cut is majestic on it’s own, but the Divine
were so thrilled with the outcome they splashed themselves in glitter
and made a video to accompany it.

Clouds (The Sanfernando Sound Remix) - Single - Divine Knights