By Mandy Rogers

It's been about a year, since London's newest a-buzz duo "Bluebell" began to tease interest across the blogosphere.

The pop making team of producer / songwriter Charlie Westropp fronted by singer / songwriter Annabel Jones have been quick to gain acclaim for their electrifyingly shiny and rousing electro pop that takes in experimentation and spits it back out in a euphoric and appealing fashion. It's had the blogging crowd drawing paralells to acts like Marina and The Diamonds, Florence and The Machine, La Roux and Ellie Goulding, I would personally add The Good Natured in amongst the comparables too.

However, to be circled around some of pop's finest quirky pop makers on your first steps out, well that isn't a bad foundation to be finding yourself in now, is it!

Bluebell's debut single is a double A sided triumph of melodious alternatively leaning electro pop that provides edge and experimental grit whilst being enwrapped in a heady cocktail of pulsating dance rhythmn on  "Normal Heights".

The singles A-sided partner "Cinderella" dives into the full-on pop pool of brilliant wonky pop with a splash of colour and spirtied vocal vibrance that bounces off a pleasantly synth heavy and pulsating La Roux-esque wall of sound.

It's quite the perfect synth soaked little gem of pop to be beginning the week with.