By Mandy Rogers

Euro pop princess Kamaliya has been slaying all corners of Europe with her infectiously dance ready numbers for the best part of this year.  Girl doesn’t go at it half-heartedly by any measure. Kamilya’s invasion on the UK dance floors has seen elevation by joining UK party pop foursome Steps on tour which she continues through this Summer and will further steal the stage no doubt, as she takes up her billing at Gay Pride – Manchester on August 27th.

Prior to bringing her latest euro pop banger “Butterflies” to our shores, September 16thKamaliya has brought a pop explosion to the shelves of the UK’s news stands by gifting out a FREE remix album, inclusive of re-works of UK charting hits  “Crazy In My Heart”, “Rising Up” and “Arrhythmia” through OK! Magazine, August 7th edition.

Possibly Kamaliya picked up a few pointers from Steps star Claire Richards on her reality TV "Popstar to Operastar" experience, as “Butterflies” opens and intersperses by treading briefly into operatic mode. No fear euro pop crazies whilst, “Butterflies” isn’t as full on pop crazy as Falco’sRock Me Amadeus”, there’s plenty here that qualifies as good coverage of a pop tasty tune.