Charlee Drew

By Mandy Rogers

Ignore the fact that it’s a bit of a girlie way to be
spelling Charlie for a boy.  Charlee boy
sure can get his chops around a tune – whoa talent alert!

The young London based singer has been on the periphery for
a while and along the way has worked with the songwriter behind some of JLS’s
hits, so you know, the belief that Charlee Drew has something big to offer out
there is nothing new, it’s been buzzing around the industry for a while and
before Lemar and Ed Sheeran, waved their flags up and said yo peeps listen up
to this boy! 

Hey it’s always nice to score celebrity music peers!

So what’s all the fuss about?  Well, Charlee Drew has one of the tastiest urban pop generated
voices from a rising young crop of discoveries, I think, since Craig David
filled me in, no actually it’s even better than that!

You should just listen to this fantastic track “Bringing Me
” from Charlee’s recent release the “You Did Me A Favour EP”. 

Nothing beats, emotive rawness coupled with the full
concentration of this acoustic presentation centred purely on the voice.
Definitely a classy showreel of the über talent this young blood has to offer and I am quite the maiden bowled over by it.

You Did Me a Favour - EP - Charlee Drew