This beat is technotronic and QBoy is too legit to quit.

Check out the new video to his track with Icykal called "Bounce Rave" that is 80's tastic and I totally dig it.  There is a whole new wave of 80s/90s nu-retro hip-pop coming back right now in the way Chiddy Bang, Tinie Tempah, Lazee and the Futhamuckas and I'm really welcoming it with open arms.  Hip hop should be fun and that whole gangsta rap negativity in the 90s really turned me off the genre for a long time, but I'm starting to come back round to it as long as acts like QBoy and those mentioned continue to innovate and bring the real flavour and spirit of street music back into the spotlight.

Side note – QBoy performed this track last year at EQ Live and it went down a storm!