By Mandy Rogers

Here’s a video to set your grey matter to work. 

In a rather sensational light, London based underground electronic
music duo Enfant have commissioned a stunning visual collective video to run
alongside their dream woven and frenetically amazing new single “Border Of

Seen through the perspective eyes of a space traveller, the
video conceptually flashes imagery of life on earth in a warts and all picture
from inception – highlighting some of the most destructive acts we as humankind
have inflected upon our planetary home and fellow kind.

Whilst some might find, some of these scenes shocking to
watch it certainly serves a  purpose in
raising issues, and there’s lots of them contained within here.

I just wonder if some of these images occurred to Felix
as he intrepidly leapt from space, after watching this, and had I
been in his place, the capsule door would probably have remained sealed.

The overall message that “Border Of Mexico” sends through
its lyrics though, is to live life to the full and embrace every moment of it. The
nature of this synth driven track delivers this through its tight and energised
production with aplomb.

All profits from the downloaded sales of “Border Of Mexico” (releasing 3rd December) will be donated to charities Oxfam, Greenpeace and
WaterAid to help make a cleaner, greener, fairer world.