By Mandy Rogers

They are super sassy and their fly; girl troupe Vida would definitely be my call of fresh-faced girl group to make some room for in 2012. To quote my recent EQ Discovery piece on them A.J, V.Vee, Jade and Che3kz are about to come at us like the grandkids of Neneh Cherry with their fly street cred wardrobe and bubbly ragga bumptious take on pop on forthcoming summer single drop “Boombox”.

What I love most about Vida, is their vivacity, cheekiness and taking the girl group formula to a different level, whilst they are clearly having a whole load of fun with it!

Scoring on an urban level, pop level and girl group level as being fresh on the tipster scale of shiny newness. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4, proving how fierce they are, Vida go KAPOW! with the sporty cheer leader look.  WOW! with the glitzy glamour, sequins and bling, bringing a bootylicious and hipster shaking choreographed performance that’s as equally as infectiously engaging as the tooty little ditty itself. 

Don’t be surprised if by the end of the summer we’ll all be at it, spontaneously shaking our pins everytime and anywhere we catch a rumble of Vida’s "Boombox". 

Count me in! a mini vida-lution has just taken off in my living room, it makes me go “boom ba ba boom boom boom” and within in 5 minutes like it or not you’ll most possibly be doing it too.

Get your V's up everybody, everybody's doing it!