Bloodstained Heart - Single

There is so much going on surrounding the promo campaign of Darren Hayes’ new album “Secret Codes And Battleships” that is almost becoming hard to keep up with!  We love it!

Just today, Darren Hayes released the third music video from the new album called “Bloodstained Heart” and the video is simply gorgeous.  No fancy effects, no over-the-top gimicks, just a simple, heartfelt music video with a gorgeous pop soundtrack.  “Bloodstained Heart” is the song on the record that I like to refer to as Darren’s “Coldplay” moment.  It’s utterly epic.

What you should know about this song is that it’s not a love song really.  It’s about true friendship and being the “shoulder to cry on” and “friend to rely on” when the going really gets tough and from my chats with the pop maestro, the whole record truly is about this notion – going to war for your loved ones and protecting them from the mighty evils and peril of the world.  “Bloodstained Heart” captures this notion just perfectly.  Now there’s a pop song for you…