by Raj Rudolph

It's full speed ahead on the promo trail for Adam Lambert and after getting to spend some quality time with the superstar yesterday, we are even more convinced that the era of "Trespassing" is going to be quite spectacular indeed.

Take for instance the brand new video for "Better Than I Know Myself" which sets the tone of "Trespassing" with it's light and dark theme, where we get to see the BAD BOY bitch-slapping, boy-kissing arsonist version of himself playing against the more laid-back, tea-sipping, big wolly jumper stay-at-home Adam. 

I love this video – the twist here is that if you thought the song was about loving someone else more than air, the person that you should love the most is yourself – in all the flawed and horrible ways that self-perception rears it's ugly head sometimes.

And as the old saying goes – you can't love anyone else, until you love yourself.