By Mandy Rogers

I have enjoyed P!nks music in parts over the years, but it
didn’t really all glue together on the flush side for me until I got to go to
the “Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour” and witness with mine own eyes what an
outstanding entertaining performer she truly is.  An artist whose performance creativity leads her out of the box,
or on that night, P!nk literally abseiled, crowd zorbed and pulled off aerial
high wired acrobatics directly above my head. 
There is no doubt that within the live arena she is at the top of the
game as a crowd pleaser, but this creativity transcends through to her
videos also.

Upon viewing the latest video for “Try”, I was not only transfixed, I was instantly
struck with how astutely choreographed it is, its artistic depiction of a torn
relationship is just so emotionally given and equally compelling viewing.

These behind the scene clips though, well; they turn up on
the raw intensity levels further.  If
you sat through and gasped at the final edit, the work that went into it will only
draw further sharper intakes of breath. 
In artistry, in subject matter and execution P!nk has got it finely
tuned to an affecting, spine-tingling and impassioned performance.

If you missed out and haven’t seen it already, serving as a
reminder of how it all turned out, here’s the final polished edit.

The Truth About Love - P!nk