The Promise

By Mandy Rogers

Oh Boys! Oh Boys! Oh Boys! 

The boy band population is definitely boosting the pop economy at a speedy rate at the moment isn’t it!

For this one, all points forward to Essex, for adding a bit of kick into the pop formula.  New guns The Promise step up to the beat with a rousing torch song of bittersweet eternal love that is conveyed in a punchy pop perfect emotional performance by vocalist Michael.

The four budding pop rocking dreamboats, make to add plenty of dark light moments on their stellar debut effort by adding into the mix, a good slosh of timely appropriate synth ambience, running through the accentuated power punchy top lines, which is a welcome surprise, as when we first heard the intro kick in, we thought we were going to get treated to something very U2. Instead, they shook us into an electro power trip of heroically passionate heart-throb-dom, that should set them on course to bowl a few maidens over with their pop rocky romanticism and a few fellas too, who like to show their softer side on the epic power ballad side.