San Cisco

By Mandy Rogers

Hello, Hello” goes the introductory refrain from San Cisco,
to which I’m prompted to swing a howdy doodie back at them, since the
Australian ensemble are providers of mellow and brightly sparkling synth pop, that trickles into a cascading
chorus of twinkling layers,
encapsulating a feeling of youthful wonderment. Fitting nicely along with the
sentiments of the song, which quoting the band is about: “a boy and a girl; with
one of them always running from reality, making for a difficult relationship
full of love and hate. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone

Whilst being very easy on the ear, the video depicts the
band out about town in our Brighton, enjoying some free time, retail therapy,
the shingly beach, and of course the great British pastime of cupcakes and
coffee. All the things that would make a typically British informal leisure
date immensely enjoyable, much the same as the song is.