I've been waiting for this one to drop.

Check out the very cool new video to "Be My Animal" by The Good Natured which sees Sarah and the band sort of hanging out in a scary underground cavern – just days after she released her new video to "Prisoner". If you listen to the lyrics as well, Sarah is looking for someone to "be her animal" and and ravage her.  I guess the average sort of person just won't do these days if your The Good Natured I guess you need some sort of claws, beak, tail or fur to get Sarah's attention these days.  We all got to be a little different these days dont' we 😉

My favourite video yet by The Good Natured and it's nice to see Sarah go from strength to strength with her new material.  Check out the video right now on MySpace and as soon as it's public on the web, we'll get it here.