It’s been awhile since we heard from Mr. Fogg, but after you watch his new music video to “Answerphone”, I’m sure you’ll fall right back in love with the electronica genius.

So here’s the story – when Mr. Fogg approached filmmakers about doing a music video of this scale, he was told multiple times that it couldn’t be done for less than 25,000 pounds.  That’s about 39,000 USD for you American folk.  Anyway, he said “sod that” and took a stab at doing it himself…

The result…INCREDIBLE.

For anyone living in London and knowing how big Trafalgar Square is and what a monster it would be to coordinate something something like what you will see – I think you’ll agree this video is mega mega impressive.  Coupled with the sweet gorgeousness of “Answerphone”, I’m finding myself getting all kinda of obsessed AGAIN with Mr. Fogg.  Sigh.