By Mandy Rogers

Pump me up in giddy abandonment Fenech-Soler are back! 

Kings Cliffe’s prized indie pop tunesmiths, bebazzled the
online and radio aware Friday evening, premiering the first peak at their new

Packed with their trademark jagged pizzazz there’s enough
electro punch here to get me through the winter months and onward looking to
that sophomore album.

If truth be said, I do now live in hope that this is not the
final video treatment on this, after almost their couple of year absence I would much rather see
something with the band in it. But hey imagery is dandy fine by me. More-over,
I’m quite done with this up-surge in the lyric-video culture to be frankly honest.

New Fenech-Soler material, is new Fenech-Soler material and
it’s warmly welcomed back with open arms by me.

All I Know - Single - Fenech-Soler