You may have to just bear with me.  EQ could quite possibly feel a revival of a-ha coming on soon.  

It happens every single time they release a new album…I go back and start listening to all their old stuff – and with the release of their new single "Foot Of The Mountain" igniting the blogesphere and UK media, I'm already starting to take the mental trips down memory lane…like how I used to get ridiculed in junior high school for having a pin-up of the band in my locker (right next to my pin-up up Thompson Twins so it didn't make me look too gay) and how I used to have endless arguements with my American friends about how they were MORE than just one-hit wonders with "Take On Me".  And then there was the iconic time in London where I got to see them perform for the first time at Royal Albert Hall.  

I'm desperately trying to score tickets to their show at the iTunes festival (if you work for iTunes, please hook a blogger up) and you will probably catch me at their show at the O2 coming up soon.

And for those of my American friends who don't believe me that a-ha were beyond HUGE in Europe – this interview they did this morning for GMTV should just clear all that speculation and shade you used to throw me…

The a-ha boys are back and are re-visiting that classic pop sound that made them legends.  Bow down in respect.  Album number nine bitches!