Mercedes mirror

By Mandy Rogers

You might recall Mercedes sauntered into our lives over a year ago now, brandishing her beat boy bop-a-lula, street credible debut track “Shock Absorber”.

The infectiously vibrant Neneh Cherry swagger timed with a 90’s hip house flashback packaged into her youthful exuberance, made us stand up and take note of the peppy young rapper.

In the interim the aspiring youngster has been globetrotting between the UK and the States working on material towards her debut album with a crack team of producers, and even Lady Gaga has put her pen on this co-writing a track on the album entitled “Superstar”.   A Premonition from the pop Queen maybe?

Mercedes arrives back in our attention bringing a first listen and look at the fruits of her globetrotting labours in forthcoming single “A Little Too Much”.

Taking on a more experimental approach than previously, “A Little Too Much” glides on a propelling shove of dub step wobble, interspersed with dance tasty riffs and sprawling urban rap pizzazz. Offering something a little different and bolder to glue onto, but nonetheless, interestingly unique and done so with a strident confidence that further etches its originality and intrepid nature into your psyche to listen again and again.