By Javi López

I believe that most good songs shouldn’t have remixes and it’s a sin to turn it into one – BUT this remix is pure FAYAH – “A Cause Des Garçons” french for: “Because of Boys” is a song first released by the french duo, with the same name, “A Cause Des Garçons“.  The song was released in 1987 and later covered by the french trio “Yelle” on their 2007 debut album “Pop Up” and later released as their lead single.

Whenever I am in the mood of wanting a good dance and an excuse to act like a maniac in my room, I like to blast oldschool electro + turn off the lights + turn volume up and disconnect myself from the world – and “A Cause Des Garçons (TEPR Remix)” is one of the most delicious songs you can do just that to.

The beats are catchy as hell and after watching the video you’ll feel like dancing all tecktonik – you know you want to.

À cause des garçons (Remixes) - EP - Yelle