You know, I get a lot of emails from artists saying they have the next breakout hit which is ever-so-reminicscent of the magic that Robyn and Kleerup created in "With Every Heartbeat".

Well, this new song by Sylvia Tosun & Loverush UK might just live up to that desciptive – and they don't even describe their song as such.  "5 Reasons" is on fire with an even hotter video and it's getting massive support in the US and USA – already blazing up the tastemaker charts, including Billboard!  

I'm not a fan of throwaway dance music tracks, but this little gem has a little something special.  It's got the winning dance music formula (diva sings over a twisty beat) with some uplifting and moody synths that just hooked me in upon one listen.  

Totally stuck on repeat.  I think you'll feel the same way too.