You know, I wasn't quite fully prepared to actually LOVE Cheryl Cole's new video for "3 Words".  "Fight For This Love" was an ok track, but this song and video kinda propels her into another arena for me – serious musician.  Yes, she is currently the reigning UK TV darling with her judge gig on X Factor and she's still one-fifth of Girls Aloud (we'll see how long that lasts now) but to see Cheryl Cole produce music like this – taking major risks – is kinda exhilarating.

"3 Words" probably won't be a huge hit single.  If it is, I'd be surprised.  Most electronic songs like this with hidden depth, genius layers and not-so-obvious melody are generally shunned by the UK Chart making public, but the fact that she took a risk on this song and video for her UK Number One follow-up single really makes me respect her more as an artist.  It's true artistry.  If she makes music like this, it makes me wonder what kinda of music she listens to – I would love to have a snoop in her CD collection.