By Mandy Rogers / Photo: Simon Hutchings

Glamboyant glitter pop foursome Joywride are here with a
kapow of awesome as they launch release of their debut EP “21st
Century Love

Right up until December 9th the rising power pop starlets
are scattering the super stardust offering of FREE Download of their mega
styled glam pop spectacular EP for the price only of Facebook likes obtainable
via this LINK (although, take good note of the instructions! *TIP* should you
be a windows 7 user you might need to use an alternative platform for this to
work – I encountered problems, which were soon rectified once I used a
different computer running on a different system)

The Debut EP package consists of  “21st Century Love” – Poppy Kavanagh Remix, – Jack
London Remix
and “Modern Man”, it comes all guaranteed and EQ approved with toe
tapping zingy pop goodness.

To throw light upon this wondrous marvel of radiantly shiny
pop, let’s check out the 21st century love festival, that’s taking
over packed venues replete with front man Ollie owning the stage with his
perfected Freddie strut.

From the 21st century and beyond Joywride are flawlessly
delivering from the fountain of eternal power pop supremacy.