Photo © Gregory Chris

Locnville are the brightest new act to come out of South Africa and today sees the launch of their new video to "There" which just went live on YouTube.  The Locnville boy's were recently in London planning their European assault and that news is pretty much music to my ears. 

I was hoping they were going to do a video to "Purple Days" which is my favorite song off their new album (which you have to look pretty hard for at this early stage), but alas the boys are holding off before releasing that stomper.  As well they should too – it's proper amazing.  But for now, enjoy the video to "There" and if Locnville are ticking your boxes, you can do a search for them on EQ below to see their other music vids (Make sure you check out "6 Second Poison") and news from Locnville – my latest group that I'm championing.