If you're a fan of Tiga, you'll absolutely love these promo clips for his new album "Ciao".  If you have don't like Tiga or have no idea who the fuck he is, these clips will make you say "what a wanker"

But the real question to me is – does this sorta promo video work make you wanna go out and buy the album?  Does it say, "wow that sounds amazing" or "who's this artist and why don't I know about him?"

For me no.  For others, well if you love these clips, you probably already own "Ciao" and Tiga's back catalogue…

One for the fans and a bit of fun in the studio – score. 

One for helping you promote your new album – fail.

However Tiga's acting skills are quite impressive though and I admire his penchant for taking risks.

Just call me traditional when it comes to good ol fashioned promo I guess – another clip after the jump…