By Jordan Meehan

Well well well. The Wanted sure has been seeing a lot of success lately, haven't they? Especially oversees in the US. While I have a few friends that have been getting increasingly more obessed with these boys, I've never really given them too much attention. Forgive me! I'll change my ways! I will admit though, when Glad You Came comes on in the pub, you'll see me dancing and singing along. 

Recently the boys have been busy shooting the music video for their next next single Chasing the Sun, which has just been released today. This new video is everything I've come to expect in a video by The Wanted: carefree, fun and highly suggestive. With a fun little plot and a little vampire action thrown in, fans of The Wanted will love this video. But really, who wouldn't be happy with looking at these guys for 3 and a half minutes?

Check out the video for Chasing the Sun here:

We've also got a behind the scenes look at the making of the new music video, which we thought we'd share because well, we're just so nice.