Taxi Doll – "Be With You"
If Republica made a comeback, they might sound a little bit like new LA based electro rock band Taxi Doll.  I quite like this tune and the video is just gorgeous.  I'm always a little bit of sucker for electro rock bands that are fronted by stunning, powerful blondes.  It doesn't suprise me at all that Electronically Yours have slipped into bed with the band already – make sure you check out their in-depth feature on Taxi Doll. 

Allee Willis – "Hey Jerrie"
I don't know what it is about Bubbles & Cheesecake that I love so much, but I just find them so damn quirky cool that everytime they do something new, it's like magic for me. This time, Allee Willis (aka Bubbles) has paid homage to her 91 year old drummer friend who's still rocking the beats to this day. She's even on an oxygen tank – bless. Just proof postive that the music never dies. Watch "Hey Jerrie" now or catch the HD version over on YouTube.  I''m still waiting for Allee to make a grilled-cheese portrait of le EQ for my art collection…

Agnes Carlsson – "Release Me"
EQ reader Paul suggested that I take an interest in Agnes Carlsson from Sweden.  I have to say, I quite like this little slice of pop perfection. Gorgeous Agnes does have the voice and is even somewhat similar looking to Leona Lewis dontcha think? I might have to check out the album now.