336. FIN lo res(4)

Soft Toy Emergency have been lighting up the music video stations here in the UK for a few weeks now.  It's always a good sign for a band when you start seeing them on The Box – which is the only video station I really like if I'm being honest…

The band are about to hop into the party bus and tour all over the UK from now until the end of the year and have taken a little time to give us a little commentary about their new video to "Critical" which, in my opinion, is a healthy mixture of 90's dance, electro and a little bit of Aqua thrown in for fun…

I asked Jen, the striking lead singer, to talk me through the video and this is what she had to say;

“Critical is about trying to reflect positively on a relationship that's ended. It's about not regretting things, moving on and not letting arguments get the better of you. Being 'positively over it' is helped by 80s-inspired synth lines and driving drum beats. We wanted to create a track which was uplifting and would make people want to dance.

The video was directed by Orlando Cubitt and was filmed in Shoreditch, London in an amazing warehouse. The video takes ideas from 80s films like Blade Runner. It features me singing my verse lyrics down a phone (with a very long telephone wire), while walking towards a secret underground club, complete with its own hulky bruiser of a bouncer! I then join the rest of the band inside on a set of revolving stages, which were hard not to fall off of when we were filming!

The video builds up to a barrage of silver glitter raining down on us in the final chorus. It ends with the whole of Soft Toy Emergency leaving the club after we've finished playing the track. We had so much fun filming it. We hope you like it! :)”