I am loving the sounds of Smokey Robotic.  It was only a few days ago that we premiered their new video for “Outside The Lines (Uptown)” and already they have a shiny new video for new track “Forever My Love” for all of you to savour and enjoy.

I caught up with Seer and Konrad from Smokey Robotic to find out a little more about the song and video and this is what they had to say…

Seer: The song began in Brooklyn, traveled to Harlem and was completed somewhere in Vancouver, Canada.  My love is forever…so it’s only right that the name of the song is forever my love.  As far as the video goes, I had a concussion in Mexico during the time it was shot.  So, I don’t have much to say about anything.

Konrad:  The song was like the stars and the moon making love but this love consisted of me having to notch out frequencies of noise for hours on end.  My love for engineering songs has truly suffered but was rekindled again when I saw the video.  It’s kind of like making a baby.  Halfway through the pregnancy, you’re just like “get this thing over with already!!!,” then when it happens and you fall in love again.  Overall, creating the song was like picking mangos in a ripe forest or like a shark being in love with a helicopter.  The funny thing is, most of us were not in the United States when the video was filmed.  Shout out to Pier Pictures!