This is Emmon, also known as Emma Nylén.

As well as being part of the Swedish pop band Paris, she's also a DJ and remix artist. Emmon is her part-art/part-music project which she launched in 2001 as part of her studies at the University College of Fine Art in Stockholm. We've had a listen, and it's not bad, for homework.

Her latest track is inspired by Crystals Castles – in fact we're told that the title, "Slottet", is Swedish for 'castle', so there you go. The track is a little wild and disorientating, especially with Emma's spooky harmonies, and along with the ghostly video it's all quite a weird experience.

But we mean that in a good way.

The video was filmed by Frida Sjöstam and Lena Trapp in Berlin earlier this year, and you can watch it below. If you like it, you can check out Emmon's considerable catalogue on iTunes (UK).