Believe it or not, Private have not been a big hit in the UK quite just yet.  

It's been well over two years since the Danish band took the music blogesphere by storm with their debut electro-pop album and lead single "My Secret Lover".  Well the band decided today would be a good day to unveil their new UK video to "My Secret Lover" which sees a new re-envisioning of the hot song along with a slightly more fringy lead singer Thomas Troelsen.

Let's just pretend it's new then shall we?  I think that would be a grand idea.  And if you haven't yet heard of Private then all you'll need to do is just type in "Private" in the EQ search box below to get all the info you need on said electro-pop supergroup. You'll even catch an interview with Thomas Troelsen if you're so inclined.

But anyways, here's the new video – watch it and love it.