One of the hottest new American electronic duos that I've been keeping a really close eye on lately is Simulover.  EQ is proud to present to you their brand new video for "Tourniquet" which is all kinds of sexy.  You may recognize one of the faces of Simulover as the duo consists of Alex Lauterstein and "Going Down In La La Land" SIRPAUL.

The "Tourniquet" video, directed by Andreas Anastasis,  tells the story of how we wear sexuality as an accessory.

"I've always felt that repression tends to be the catalyst for most people's fetishes" says SIRPAUL. "I think we all have aspects of both exhibitionist and voyeuristic characteristics inside of us. I'm not into shame or the negative social stigma that's attached to sexual expression… I'm just fascinated by what gets people off."

The Tourniquet EP by Simulover will be available September 13th on iTunes.  If you are a fan of new electronic duos like The Young Professionals and Dangerous Muse, Simulover will most definitely be up your viva.