Photo by Renee Frouws

As you already know, I am obsessed with the Locnville twins and the music they make.  So you can imagine my utter exciement to know that today marks the day of the release of their second album “Running To Midnight” to the South African market – in which the boys are already massive superstars. 

Whilst I am desperately trying to find a website that will let me legally download the new album in the UK, you can enjoy the first music video release of “Stars Above You” which chronicles the boys new change in sound and imagery.  Whereas before the electronic pop teen sensations were marketed to appeal to the girls, the new sound on “Running To Midnight” appeals to a wider group of music lovers and I for one am welcoming the change in direction.  With “Stars Above You” we almost get a Röyksopp and The Presets sort of feel about their imagery and sound and this new change of direction substantially highlights how versatile the twins are as musicians.

I’m so impatient though – I love Locnville and cannot wait for their international crossover and for more of the big blogs to start talking about them.  Already signed to Sony UK where they are seemingly just sitting on the music for the time being, it’s only a matter of time before Locnville get the worldwide exposure they are so deserving of. 

Patience is a virtue though, as they say…