by Raj Rudolph

No, I haven't heard the new Girls Aloud track yet because I got too excited over the new music video by The Wanted called "I Found You" that landed in my mailbox last night.

When I was listening to this track, I would have NEVER thought it was The Wanted. It's such a change vocally for them. They hit the falsetto range in the chorus (who is that anyway? Max?) which threw me for a bit, but glad to hear the boys geting in touch with thier upper register whilst still maintaining their "Glad You Came" style in the background.

So what's so damn explicit with this music video then? Aside from a little bit of violence (no boys, I still wouldn't be too scared of you in an East London alleyway…), there's no boobies, swearing and to everyone's disappointment, not even a sex scene with a Tatum Channing ass flash.

Boys, boys, boys, I'm terribly disappointed. But on the upside "I Found You" is a fun track.

But my dear Wanted boys, you owe me some explicit content…