If you’re a fan of N-Dubz and Rihanna, then you may fancy new British trio First Place who are debuting their brand new video to “Best Of Me” right here on EQ today.  I quite like this track, it’s uplifting and grooves along quite nicely and since I now know what it feels like to film a video in a cold, damp and wet warehouse (I was at the Adam Tyler video shoot the other night) I have a whole new respect for artists who suffer in cold warehouses and basements for their art.

Anywho – here is First Place’s bio if you want to get to know them a bit more intimately – and really, why wouldn’t you?  Any act that can flawlessly mix the sounds of The Lion King together with the coolness of Rihanna while being all current and N-Dubzy-like gets my thumbs up.

First Place is the new pop urban group made up of three talented individuals residing in Bristol. Singer, rapper and songwriter Yomi started the group after performing with 19 year old rapper and Urban Music Award Winner Frenzee locally and as far away as Glasgow. Singer/ songwriter and ex-stage school Grade-A student Allegra was originally a fan of Frenzee’s music but is now a group member she brings balance and sweetness to the group with her soulful pop tones.