So good I want to cry.  Here we thought we were going to get a new video to “Be My Animal” today and instead, we get an AMAZING video to “Prisoner” by The Good Natured which is actually the b-side to her “Be My Animal”.  Looks like The Good Natured has been taking some makeup tips from Robert Smith of The Cure!  I jest…in actuality, the video is quite serious.  Here is what Team Good Natured have to say about “Prisoner”

The Good Natured aka Sarah McIntosh was lyrical inspired to write the song by Pedro Almodovar’s racy film, “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down” she sings in an effort to confront why some lovers have both emotional and physical power over us. The video, plays on the idea of transforming ourselves for someone else, where the main character, McIntosh, in a moment of madness decides to change herself through make-up and ends up turning into a grotesque monsterous character. The video follows us through this transformation through voyeuristic snapshots, where the presence of the camera filming her is constantly acknowledged by her and we come to wonder who is the person filming her? or is this person a figment of her imagination? The video was filmed and directed by Lorenzeo Ricciarelli.

“Be My Animal” / “Prisoner” is released on November 1st 2010.