Shelter edit mine

by Javi Lopez – EQ's resident pop culture blogger.

This is the story of Zach; A young skater, surfer boy who dreams to be an artist.  Street art is his passion. Zach's life is quite difficult.  He takes care of his sick father alongside the demands of his sister Jeanne, a girl who views him more as an on-call childminding service for her son Cody, rather than a brother.

In his free times, Zach likes to, illegally, show his art to the world, painting on the streets and also surfing in a beach not-so-far from his place. This is where he mets his bestfriend's gay brother Shaun, who he hadn't seen in a long time. They start surfing and hanging out.  One night, both drunk, the two start around at Shaun's place and Shaun can't control his feelings towards Zach.  After all this, Zach's feelings start to change and he starts to see the world from a brand different new angle.

Needless to say, this movie really moved us and if you're feeling up for a little drama with a nice love story twist, you really should go out of your way and rent or buy "Shelter" today.

Enjoy the movie trailer below.